Thursday, June 13, 2013

Two recent cheese encounters

Two meals I've eaten recently have been so good and cheese-based I feel I must share them with my Cheese Fellows. First up, an idea so simple I can't believe I hadn't stuffed my dairy-loving face with it before. If you're a savoury breakfast person (and if not why not what is wrong with you etc etc) then you'll appreciate my joy at discovering the AMAZING MOUTH-PLEASER that is The Chelsea's Parmesan French Toast. PARMESAN. FRENCH. TOAST. It was amazing – salty and cheesy and fried – and, like Joey Tribbiani, fried-stuff-with-cheese is my favourite food group. They served it with pea puree, ham hock (hock-word-barf – I changed to bacon) and poached eggs (preggo over here changed them to scrambled.) Basically though you could serve a mangy old cat with this and it would be amazing (as long as the cat was not on the same plate. And possibly not ideal for vegetarians). We should have a Cheese Breakfast and make Parmesan French Toast. In fact, we should have a Cheese Breakfast! I'm capitalising it because it's a thing! Or it is now!

Ok, so second cheese-based delight was something I made myself and it was surprisingly delicious. Actually, not that surprising considering it contained three, yes three, different types of cheese. It was this bad boy:

A lemon ricotta, roasted pumpkin and grilled vegetable bake, topped with both mozzarella and parmesan. So that's three different brilliant cheeses right there – how could it go wrong. It's from this website, which I'm completely obsessed with as the author makes eating whole foods delicious and quick and easy – and since my second favourite food group is takeaway, she's engaged in a worthy battle. I didn't have buffalo mozzarella in the house as, well, I'm from Hull, so I used grated mozzarella instead and it was still all good in the oven 'hood. Ok, am off to forage for cheese. So long, Cheese Fellows.

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  1. Oh we must, must, must book in a date for Cheese Breakfast. Pre- or Post-Pregnancy?

    And then book in a date for a Cheese Dessert party?